Wednesday, December 1, 2010

BNIB Bee-R Rev Limiter!

Brand New In Box Bee-R Rev Limiter
Two stage electronic ignition control,
allows to adjust engine's reving,
preventing damages. Also creates
loud bangs and flames from the exhaust!
199 euros

This is Bee*R’s popular two-stage ignition cutting rev-limiter. It is used to prevent damage arising from over-revving your engine. Part of the reason for its popularity is the large flames and loud bangs it produces from the exhaust when active!
The way in which it works differs from the factory rev limiter in that it is an ignition cut, as opposed to a fuel cut. The reason for this is because if an engine (particularly turbocharged) regularly hits a fuel-cut rev limit (such as in high performance driving, or particularly drifting) engine damage can arise due to the lean condition produced when the original ECU shuts off the fuel pump. The BEE*R rev-limiter allows fuel to pass into the engine still, limiting engine speed by disabling the ignition signal. The Bee*R rev limiter is fully adjustable in 500rpm increments, for safety reasons allowing only a lower rev-limit to be configured than standard. If you have spent a lot of money tuning your engine, or are running at high RPM’s for extended periods of time, it could be recommended to run a lower rev-limit to prolong engine life. Both Formula 1 and JGTC cars use ignition cutting rev limiters, so it is a fully race proven concept.
The Bee*R can also be used as a “two stage rev limiter”, as an aid for launching your car. The Bee*R is configurable for two different rev-limits. A lower rev limit can be activated by a switch, the handbrake switch often being used. This configurable lower limit, can be set to the optimum RPM to launch your particular car from in 500rpm increments. When the handbrake is released, the usual rev limit comes into action, allowing quick launches, and full performance down the strip.

The Bee*R rev-limiter has another final neat feature. The gain control knob allows you to adjust the frequency of the ignition cut. This in turn changes the frequency and sound of the flames and bangs from your exhaust!

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