Monday, October 12, 2009

Flying Miata Mk2 lowering springs

Used only for testing before changed for a complete coilover system these Flying Miata springs for Mk2 Mx5 Miata are practically new. They have a 318 lbs/inch rate at the front and 233 lbs/inch at the rear and...
 ...will lower the car 31,7 mm at the front and 33 mm at the rear.
He who knows understands its one of the best spring set available for the MX5 and need no more introduction of the item.
You will have to spend 260 dollars + shipping + customs for a new set,
or you can just get the ones pictured for just 180 euros, HERE!

Και για να μην λέμε τα ίδια στα ελληνικά, το πιάσατε το ζουμί, πρόκειται για Flying Miata. Τελεία.

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