The JDMbits BLACK NA Miata!

Suddenly, a third 4th Miata popped up.

A white '92 Black '97 NA, with some good and some bad points.

Most great pics are by Manos Option-D Fergadis. 
All crap pics are mine. Easy to spot which are which.

Original article was:

First day

I heard noises from the back and realized everything was loose back there.
The jack and some other metal parts were thrown in there hitting around.

Removed all carpets to see what is going on

The battery fluids (from some old battery) were all over the place causing oxidization.

Ending up with what appears to be one tide boot.

I started tackling the oem ashtray as it was filled with rust and old cigarette burns...

Let it soak on chlorine for a day, then clean it with a brush.

Covered the interior with baize 
-the one we use to avoid furniture rubbing, that also has a sticky side,
and also clean and painted the top of it with bumper spray.

Well, at least I kept the ashtray...


So it came home...

I had to make the first changes pretty quick,
as I used the suspension and wheels to sell the white one.

 I fitted the MeisterR ZetaS coilover kit,
that I bought for the Green NA few years ago!

When that was sold as pieces, I sold the MeisterRs to a mate,
although, when I bought the Sporty 
I had to get it back as its the best kit I ve tried.

Of course I kept the TAPSIA, as my Greek friends call the
ROTA D154 16x8 ET20 shiny wheels I bought for the Sporty.

Also fitted the hardtop (originally bought for the Sporty)

The car needs a lot of work, as although it has only done 62k kms,
it has dents all over the body, mostly small ones,
and most importantly it needs a good service.

It hasnt done the big 92k kms service obviously,
which means it has a 18 years old water pump,
belts, clutch and radiator...

 Until that time comes though,
 I fitted the (probably) original RS Aizawa vented headlight lid
and as you may have noticed, the Zoom Style aluminum fuel door.


Test fitted the depo front lights which I will probably keep,
as well tested some ball gear knobs I will not keep.


Ι didnt want, but I had to.

I visited Kentavros , to fix the exhaust system.

H created a magnificent mendrel bend one-piece cat back system.
One custom exhaust box, no middle box.


 Next step, visited Motronic Geometrical.











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