Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Mazda Mx5 Complete Mazdaspeed MSM Style Body Kit!

Big Changes On The Sad Side = Increased Costs
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MazdaSpeed Miata MSM Style Body Kit 
The complete package of the iconic Turbo Mx5
called the MazdaSpeed Miata is available for all
Mazda Mx5 Miata NB and NBFL!
This kit was only fitted on the MSM and wasnt sold separately.
Consists of MSM Front Lip (fits only NBFL)
MSM Rear Lip and Rear Boot Spoiler (fits NB and NBFL)
*front MSM lip and AP1 lip can be retrofitted to NB as well.

Also available are OEM style Sideskirts (fits NB and NBFL)
and two alternative lips, AP1 front lip and the NB front lip. 
All items are high quality carbon reinforced fgr.

MSM Front lip: 220 euros posted
MSM Rear lip: 250 euros posted
MSM Boot lip: 200 euros posted
OEM Sideskirts: 230 euros posted
OEM NB front lip: 170 euros posted
AP1 Large Front lip: 280 euros posted

Super Offer Prices:
Any two parts: 400 euros posted
Complete MSM kit: 550 euros posted
MSM kit with Sideskirts: 700 euros posted
info: nmwisima@jdmbits.com

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