Thursday, October 15, 2009

Mx5 complete Torsen upgrade for Mk1

The stock Mk1 89-93 Mx5 viscous LSD is great!
Was... great actually.
With more than 100k on the clock its surely not working good.
The bad thing is its not repairable.

So what do you do?
-Either you spend 300-400 euros to fit a used one with less kms on it (if you find one)
-Either you buy a new aftermarket one spending around 600-800 euros
(you ll need halfshafts work and it will eventually worn out)
-You upgrade to Torsen from the later model which is one-off work, never worns out, never brakes and can handle your turbo conversion also!
What you need is a 94-05 Mx5
-prop shaft -half shafts -diff housing -Torsen

As you ve seen in another post a Torsen can be found for 400 euros,
and all other needed stuff can be found for 300 euros.
A great upgrade for exactly 700 euros, HERE!

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