Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Hawaiian Tropic!

Thanks to Evade for the pics!
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1986 Toyota Corolla

Engine/Trans: JDM 4AGZE AE101(Stock), Silk Road 4-1 Headers w/ Heat Wrap, Koyo Radiator, Custom Exhaust w/ Electronic Cut out, Custom Intercooler and Piping, Mini Oddessy Battery w/ T3 Battery Tie Down, Manual Rack Steering Conversion, C/F Cusco Tower Bar, TRD Oil and Radiator Cap, ACT 3 Puck Clutch, Toda Lightweight Flywheel, Custom 1pc. Driveshaft, Kaaz 2way LSD, Techno Pro Spirit 4.7 Final Gear, FAL Dual Electric Fans, Greddy Oil Catch Can, Cusco Engine Mounts
Wheels/Tires/Suspension/Brakes Work Meister S1 2pc. (F)15x9 -15offset 195/50/15 (R) 15x10 -28offset 205/50/15 Greddy Coilvers, Tanabe Front and Rear Sway Bars, T3 NRCA, T3 4 Links, T3 Panhard Bar, T3 Tension Control Rods, T3 Traction Brackets, Wilwood Big Brake Kit, Steel Braided Lines (F) and (R), Ultra Racing Fender Braces
Interior: Sparco Deep Corn Steering Wheel w/ NRG Quick Release, TRD Shift Knob, Driver ChargeSpeed Bucket Seat (Red) w/ Nagisa Brackets/Slider, Safety 21 8pt Roll Cage w/ 4 Cusco Add On Bars, Run-Free Floor Bar, C/F Cusco Rear Brace, Custom C-Pillar Bar, Bee R C/F Door Panels
Exterior: Full Origin-Lab Stylish Bodykit, J-Blood Front and Rear Wide Fenders, J-Blood C/F Type 3 Hood w/ Top Secret Hood Pins, J-Blood FRP Hatch, J-Blood C/F Doors, East Bear Mirrors, JDM OEM Window Visors, JDM Front and Rear Tow Hooks, JDM OEM Red Lines Taillights, Kouki Levin Coversion, Silk Road (Section) Headlight Intake, Cusco Plate Holder, 8pc. Run-Free Eyeliners

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