Thursday, November 5, 2009

JDfukinM Food!

This gotta be JDM -or plain stupid...
Look what I cooked today in just 30 minutes,
after making only a small mess...

Only 3 cookware ruined

So, I made

Fried nuggets with some fried country style potatoes,

Made some garlick mashed potatoes

and then Fried them to make this strange thing

then I put some country stule potatoes

In the oven with butter (so actually Fried them)

and finally, the rest of the garlic mashed potatoes...

I did put them to cook in the oven.

I really think this is JDM as fuck!!!

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option-D said...

Eυτυχώς που δεν μας καλείς και για φαγητό..