Monday, February 22, 2010

New Arrival: Rota Grid 15x7 Bronze!

Just in for a friend
Rota Grid 15x7
4x100 et40
Bronze in color,
weighting 6 kgs.
Pics dont do them justice as there is a nice concave shape on it
like the original TE37 that cant be seen on most pics on the net!
paid 520 euros for them
Click Read More to see more pics!

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swiftbpm said...

Ωχ τι μας έκανες Αχιλλέα!... ;)

Περιμένουμε εναγωνίως και fotos με αυτά τα κοσμήματα, φορεμμένα στην Corolla!

Καλοφόρετες στον φίλο σου!