Tuesday, May 25, 2010

AE86 Drift Prep For Sale! -SOLD-

Another beautiful car for sale here in Greece
This white Hachi was originaly sold here in 1987
and has done about 200k kms till then.
Its Drift Specs are TRD ducktail, 15x8 XXR wheels, 
TRD 0.8mm gasket, JASMA exhaust, LSD,
Prothane bushes, Sparco Rev seat, GP Sports Japan front coilovers,
Cusco top mounts, TEIN rear coilovers with custom springs,
front and rear strut braces, 260 mm front disks,
Silvia S13 front suspention, 50 mm wider at the front.
8.000 euros
-You must mention JDMBits to the owner to get the discount-
info: 6948780383


Alex V. said...

Does he sell parts in seperate?
I'd be interested in the wheels, at least.

nmwisima said...

Doubt he does, but feel free to call him and found out.