Wednesday, June 9, 2010

BC Racing Coilovers for BMW E30!

BC Racing V1 VA Coilovers
for BMW 3 Series E30 84-91
-Front Pillowball Top Mount and Camber Adjustment
- Rear Rubber Top Mount -Anodized Alloy Casing
- 30 Level Damping Force Adjustment
-Height Adjustment System
Spring Rates are 6 front and 6 rear.
Custom Springs Available!
Please state if your car is 4 or 6 cylinder!
850 euros

The BC V1 Design VA Coilover Suspension Kit features 30 levels of Damping Force adjustment with Full-length height adjustment allowing extremely low ride height. The V1 Design VA Series Coilover Kit includes Pillowball Upper Mounts in the front, and Rubber Upper mounts in the rear, for improved insulation and reduced noise. This is designed to meet the needs of drivers who look for the ultimate balance between optimal performance, pure comfort, and a smooth and forgiving ride quality, for road, race and rally use.

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