Saturday, June 12, 2010

BMW E46 M3 HSD Coilovers!

The HSD Coilovers now available for the
BMW M3 E46!
High quality monotube coilovers.
Inverted front dampers for superior strength.
16 stage adjustable damping front and rear.
Pillowball top mounts front and rear.
Fronts have camber adjustment.
Spring rates are 6 kg front and 6.5 kg rear
720 euros

Adjustable preload on the spring perch, so you don't have to adjust ride height by crudely slackening the spring as on most existing coilover kits including KW and Bilstein, on the HSD HR you wind the entire damper body into the bottom mounting bracket.
Supplied with heavy duty front anti roll bar drop links.
On the rear you can set the shock travel and ride height seperately with the adjustable length shocks.

Spring rates are 6kg front and 6.5kg rear, which combined with the extremely high quality damping gives a nice compliant ride for the road, and vastly superior performance on track. Our HSD Demo E46 M3 is both a daily driver, and a regular on track days and the Nurburgring. The HSD coilovers outperformed the KW Variant 3, Bilstein PSS9 and Tein we've had on the car in both enviroments.

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