Monday, November 4, 2013

Which 16x8'' Rota Wheels To Fit On Mazda Mx5 Miata?

Although 15'' is the most popular size,
for the Mazda Mx5 Miata NA and NB,
its a common secret the 16'' looks better
especially on the latest Mk2 models.
Here is a list of all the 
16x8'' Rota Wheels 
available for immediate dispatch!
Most wheels are in 4x100 pcd,
for the 1989 to 2005 Mk1 and Mk2,
but we have also included some
in 5x114,3 pcd for the MX5 NC Mk3.
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see the complete Post and Info!

Price includes everything,
insured courier postage inside EU, 
nuts, caps and spigot rings.

690 euros


Starting with the specs that will go straight on the car, 
no mods at all, we have three choices:
Rota Slipstream, et34 in White

Rota Cup, et35 in Silver with Polished Lip

RB, et35 in Gunmetal with Polished Lip

Ideal specs for both NA and NB can be found on the
Grid-V et20, in Bronze and Titanium Chrome

Straight fit to NB and NBFL -depending how low you are-
 but will probably need an arch roll on the NA is the
RBR et10, in Gunmetal with Polished Lip

There is of course also the iconic Grid Drift
This wheels will need 7 mm spacers to clear the
front Mx5 brakes and 5 mm rear spacers to match.
They will need arch rolling on the Mk2 and
possibly also some pulling on the Mk1 MX5.
Grid Drift, et10 in Bronze or White

For the Mazda Mx5 Mk3 NC all available
16x8'' Rota wheels will need work to fit.
Grid-V et20, in Bronze 

Grid Drift, et10 in Bronze or White

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