Tuesday, November 5, 2013

The New Rota 15x8'' Wheel Designs In 4x100 PCD!

This time we aint going just Miata,
but to all 4x100 PCD vehicles that can fit 
The New Rota Wheel Designs 
that just arrived in amazing specs!
The OS Mesh, the Kensei, the Kuysha and the Grid Drift
 are lining up next to the well knokn
RKR, Aleica, Zero Plus and Shakotan BM8,
and of course to the classic RB and Slipstream.
These wheels will fit Mazda Mx5 NA and NB,
Honda Civic, BMW E30, MR2 and many more.
 Complete line-up after the Jump!

Price includes everything,
insured courier postage inside EU, 
nuts, caps and spigot rings.

640 euros
info: nmwisima@yahoo.com

Again, from the highest offsets that will fit 
straight on to most cars with no mods
Rota RB, et30 in Bronze, Gunmetal, Silver and White
all of them with Polished Lip!

The ultra light choice would be the 
Rota Slipstream, et20 in Flat Black

Then there is the new-old design
Rota Grid Drift, et20 in Bronze, Silver, White and Hyper Blue!

We then have two of our classic designs, 
Rota RKR, et10 in Magnesium Black and Steel Grey

Rota Zero Plus, et10 in Black with Polished Face
and in Black with Anodized Red Lip!

And then there starts the Zero Offset frenzy.
Rota Aleica, et0 in Pink and Bronze both with Polished Lip

Rota RKR, et0 in Matt Bronze and Steel Grey

Rota Grid-V, et0 in Bronze, Black and  Silver with Polished Lip

Rota OSMesh, et0 in Gold and Silver both with Polished Lip

Rota Kyusha, et0 in Black with Polished Lip

Rota Kensei, et0 in Hyper Silver, Gold, White and Teal
all of them with shiny Polished Lip!

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