Thursday, June 17, 2010

Driftworks CA18DET Lightweight Flywheel! Presents the:
Driftworks CA18DET Lightweight Flywheel
Made of Chromoly, weights only The new 5,5 kg (stock flywheel13kg)
310 euros

The new Driftworks lightweight flywheel for CA18DET weighs in at only 5.5kg compared to the stock flywheel's 13kg, during testing we found this to be the perfect weight for a fantastic improvement to response but still retaining driveability. This is of real benefit for drifting, making keeping the revs up in the powerband much much easier and making clutch kicking more effective.
Made from chromoly and manufactured to the highest standards, will take all the punishment you can throw at it. Finished in a durable heat treated black coating with impressive quality finishing. As testement to the top quality machining work, you will see only a tiny amount of metal was removed to fully balance these flywheels. Comes complete with dowel pins to locate the clutch cover plate.

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