Monday, June 21, 2010

Driftworks Nissan 200SX S13 Four Arm Kit!

Driftworks Four Arm Package
for Nissan Silvia S13 200SX!
Kit consists of:
-Adjustable camber control arms
-Adjustable toe control arms 
-Traction control arms
-Adjustable tension rods
460 euros
 (Optional pair of Tension braces +60 euros)

This Kit Comprises of every adjustable suspension arm you will need on an S13 200sx or non hicas S13 imports.

Includes: Driftworks adjustable camber control arms with pillowball ends allow you to accurately set your rear camber. A must for any lowered car, as the standard eccentric bolt doesn't allow enough adjustment. Correct alignment is essential when trying to achieve the perfect drift setup

Driftworks adjustable toe control arms, again essential when lowering the car, you often go beyond the range of standard toe adjustment, and cause uneven tyre wear and bad handling characteristics. These arms allow you to align the car back into spec. The use of the spherical bearing helps eliminate unwanted play in suspension components under the heavy loads that drifting applies.

Driftworks traction control arms, replace the standard non adjustable Nissan part. It is the final adjustable arm needed on S13,S14,S15,R32,R33 rear suspension set up. Adjusting this arms length decides how much toe is given to the rear wheel under suspension compression. The arms also eliminate another of the unwanted standard rubber bushes from the rear suspension setup, once again contributing towards that perfect handling car.

Driftworks adjustable tension rods allow you to acurately set the castor angle of the front suspension. By using a high load spherical bearing they eliminate all the play that the huge jelly filled standard bushes cause. This gives you much more predictable and acurate steering, handling and braking as the wheel is going where you tell it to instead of where bumps in the road tell it.

Please note: 4 arm kit may be supplied with Orange or Carbon tension rods depending on stock.

Pair of Driftworks Tension Braces, which are brackets that brace between the tension rod mounting point, and the chassis where the front crossmember mounts. Bracing the front of the tension rods helps reduce movement there which means less unwanted suspension movement under hard cornering and braking. This means better stability and predictability when driving hard as well as sharper initial turn-in.

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