Friday, June 25, 2010

Driftworks Quick Release Hub!

Driftworks 60 mm Quick Release Spacer
New Design, Multifitment to all
steering wheel brands.
110 euros

These new version II quick releases feature a new chunky baseplate in multi-fitment for Nardi and Nismo hubs

In Drifting and track use, fast steering input is a necessity. When the steering wheel is too far away from the driver, it's often not possible to steer as fast as you would like.
The Driftworks race quick release spacers fit in between your aftermarket steering wheel and boss, and move the wheel 60mm closer to the driver, allowing much faster steering input.
Also, being quick release, they allow greater access for high sided bucket seats and roll cages as well as being a great security feature.
Unlike many other quick release mechanisms, there is no detectable play between wheel and boss thanks to the multi-ball bearing locking mechanism.
Very high quality finish, and they are multifitment, so will fit all common Sparco/OMP/Nardi/Nismo/Momo steering wheels and hubs, The included wiring allows you to retain your horn.

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