Sunday, June 27, 2010

Option's & Ksadelfo's JDM Sun Protection!

These guys are crazy alright!
They installed an umpbreal on the NB,
to protect em from the excessive Greek heat,
then drifted the hell out of it (or so they said...)
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Ksadelfos Tuning took another go on the Option-D Driftin Biatch NB.
George and Manos installed sun protection for the summer combing
the cooling of top down driving without the risk of sun burn.

First Place the Ombrela

Then tie wrap it to the roll bar

Then adjust the height

Strap it down to the windshield


Then lay down and enjoy!

...or not!

And it drifts as well!

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option-D said...

It is very gentle uploading DIYs like this on your blog.. Keep up the good work, you crazy boy :-*