Saturday, July 10, 2010

SSR Type C RS 17x8 in 5x114,3!

A set of four
SSR Type C RS Wheels
17x8'', et35, weighting only 6,4 kgs each
1.000 euros

These abreviations stand for Speed Star Racing Type Competition Light Weight "Racing Spec"
SSR TypeC wheel is a lightweight race style wheel that is equally at home when used on the road. With cars producing more and more power their goal was to answer this request for more power and handle the stresses it places on braking and grip from the tire. This 2 Piece rim is constructed using a SSF semi-melted forging manufacturing method for the face combined with the HTM heat treatment inner rim for the requirements of “Super Heat Quantity and High Rigidity”.
The 6 Spoke design is very aggressive and features curved spokes and a deep centre cavity that have been recently copied by many manufacturers. The colour choices are also only for dramatic effect that suit the modern track image of JDM specifications. Designed to WIN!"

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