Saturday, September 4, 2010

Bits Gone, Weekend LOL!

As the Bits will be away this weekend,
here's a bit of LOL:
PAOK Salonica Fan posting on AJAX Fan Forum...
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"hello people from salonika . i am a PAOK fan .
Yesterday i was written in the poulman for Amsterntam with gate 4 .It is our bigest fan club and the most hooligan in Europe .
I think we will be 20000 in Amsterntam . The president of our club told me that .
Be careful because we are very mad and we don't like the white-red color because it is like gavros color and we hate them . we like it very much to sing 'gavroi mounia -gamw ton peiraia ' (fish pussies we f** piraues -fish is gavros fans nickname) .
So if you wear red-white kaskol , we will hit you . Maybe we will burn a club of you , if we find one and if there is no police .
The most good thing in Amsterntam is that drugs are free. We smoke too much in Greece but if you are unlucky and they catch yoy and you don't know a big cop , then you maybe go to jail for some days .
In Amsterntam we will smoke all the day for free so we will be more mad and we will hit you more , xaxaxa .
I heard that there is a road in the center of Amsterntam with prostitutes . We can see them and if we like them we can f** them . If this is true then it will happen the prostitute's . We will visit them for free and if they ask for money we will hit them because we are PAOK !
about the game i think we will win 0-3 . We have a very good team . Last year we must win the tsampionsip . The referees were sold and they didn't let us to take it . Because all the referees are from Athens , and Athens is very bad , they do things to harm Salonika and to win the tsampionsip only gavros ,panathinaikos and aek .
But in the tsampions lig the referees are not from Athens so we will win every game . We may go to the final , who knows .
and one last thing ! don't come to Salonika ! we will hit you if we see you and we will fall you to the sea . and the sea is very dirty !"

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