Monday, October 11, 2010

Greek NA Miata Meet!

Neko's and nmwisima's
NA Miata Meet in Athens!
Some more sthings done to both cars,
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Both cars. Mine with a few mods, Neko's with the Raceland fitted!

Longer view. Is mine lower???

3M Di-Noc covers, Skuzzle TSIs, JDM tow Hook

Carbon hardtop

Lower stance with Rota RB 15x8'' and Raceland coilovers

And tis is mine, just serviced

Broken repeater replaced

Rear foglight back in and new license plate mount fitted

Sparks, filters, some more blue hoses, AFM painted

Slave clutch cylinder changed and Goodridge clutch line fited

New JDM stickers...

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