Friday, April 1, 2011

Who Eats These JDM Shit???

On my London trip I visited Chinatown
and I couldnt resist visiting a minimarket
I was suprised finding most of the eatable (???) stuff
in there was from Japan, made in Japan or under license from Japan
So, here they are, some realy JDM snacks:
-Rice cake with some kind of bean marmelade inside = FAIL
-Light Cheese Cake = WIN
-Cream Flavored Egg Rolls = WIN
All three were fun to eat, yet nothing very tasty
That fuckin rice cake with beans was pure vomit though...


gr8 said...

endiaferome gia to misofagomeno
rice cake. mia timi?


nmwisima said...

Petaxtike sta trashidia.