Wednesday, October 19, 2011

What 15x9'' Wheels To Fit To My AE86?

As promised here are the new shocking 
Rota 15x9'' Wheels In 4x114,3 pcd
to fit on Oldschool RWD Cars!
Only two designs available
but with some really extreme offsets!
Check it out:
Aleica et10 in Bronze with Polished lip 
Aleica et10 in Pink with Polished lip

Aleica et-10 (minus ten) in Bronze with Polished lip
Aleica et-15 (minus fifteen) in Pink with Polished lip
Shakotan et0 in Black with Polished Face 
650 euros
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Anonymous said...

Are you running the 9's up front or in the rear? what size tire are you running? How much fender clearance do you have in the back?

nmwisima said...

9'' can be run on both front and rear. Will deffo need rolling though. You can run them with 195 (very stretched), but normally its 205 or 225.