Wednesday, April 25, 2012

What Rota Wheels To Fit On My Mx5 NC!

Now that is a nice question,
I often been asked by the 
Mazda Mx5 Miata NC Mk3 Owners.
What wheels should I fit to my Roadster?
Well supposing you dont wanna go extreme,
here are the available options right now.
Remember, these are only the 17x8'' options
that will easily fit under the car without dramas.
(Well apart from that first one...)
Grid et30 in White
Force et48 in White 
Blitz et48  in Gunmetal
Boost et35 in Gunmetal
Boost et48 in Gunmetal
Torque et48 in Gunmetal and White
Force et45 in Flat Black with Red Lip
Torque et35 in Bronze, White and Gunmetal
Force et35 in Flat Black with Red Lip, White and Bronze
Slipstream et48  in Flat Black and Gunmetal with Royal Lip
Fighter et48 in Bronze, Flat Black with Red Lip, Gunmetal and Matt Bronze
All cost the same
720 euros



Anonymous said...

For the first pic (my car):
Wheels are 8x17ET35 with 10mm spacers in the back. Tires are 205mm wide. The only thing I've had to do is roll the rear fender lips (mostly due to the spacers).
No other dramas, thanks to the increased camber when lowering the car that much

Anonymous said...

Are they Rota Torques on your car?

Unknown said...

What size tyres are fitted to the third car? Looks boss.