Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Bargain Mazda Mx5 Miata K-Sport Street Coilover Kit!

Up for grabs is an almost new
K-Sport Street Monotube Coilover Kit
for Mazda Mx5 Miata NA and NB  
This fully adjustable coilover kit will fit
all Mx5 models from 1989 to 2005. 
Its been used for just 1 month and has 
only done 1.000 km after fitting and tuning.

Bargain price at 550 euros
plus postage from Italy


•36 DIFFERENT DAMPENING SETTINGS-Freely adjust the dampening settings to meet the requirement of street setup and enjoy the hedonics of speed.

•The major setup of spring rate and dampening setting is for daily street comfort use. As far as without effect the setup of daily street use and sometimes can be used for weekend racing.

•∮50mm strut∮44mm piston for monotube design-Oil and gas separately to increase the stability dampening force. The shock body is made by forged aluminium (6061) to reduce the weight and increase the safety of the shock absorber. Due to this design can avoid the rusty of coilover because it will snow for some countries which will put some salt on the road.

•The most important function for ride height adjustable is avoided to compress the spring by the spring seat caused the unusual sound when you change the ride height or lower the vehicle too much caused the spring seat does not snug the spring, that will damage the coilover. The coilover can be dropped 60mm~100mm from OE ride height.

•Any application that doesn’t appear on our application guide can be customized to meet our customer’s requirements.

•All applications listed on our website are for 2WD model unless we specify 4WD.

•The "model year" defined for each application on our website might be different to the ones in each country; therefore, please confirm the "production years" with us if you cannot make sure.

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