Saturday, January 16, 2010

MX5 HSD HR Coilovers and HSD Complete Range!

Now offers
the complete HSD coilover range!
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Mazda NA/NB
HSD HR Coilover Kit
Fully Adjustable
790 euro
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HSD HR Specifications:
Monotube: It is a higher quality, and more expensive to manufacture, compliant adjustable damper design. Using this design we can use stiffer spring rates to aid handling, but retain superior ride comfort over cheaper twin tube design coilovers. To find monotube dampers used on a sub £1500 coilover kit is extremely uncommon.
Ride Height is fully adjustable, using seperate adjustable lower brackets and spring perches. The car will go as low as you want it too, yet retain full damper travel..
Damping is 16 way adjustable front and rear monotube dampers. The fronts are inverted for superior strength on strut design vehicles, which has the added bonus of reducing unsprung weight. Again this is a design feature usually found on much more expensive coilover kits.
Camber adjustable top mounts supplied with camber adjustable front top mounts and front and rear high quality pillowball bearings.
Spring Rates The Mazda MX5 kit comes with damper matched 9kg-6kg spring rate.

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