Wednesday, March 10, 2010

VEMS Wideband O2 monitor Brand New!

Brand New In Box
VEMS Wideband O2 Monitor
with optional EGT Sensor
260 euros shipped
+80 euros for extra EGT sensor
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VEMS Wideband consists of:
AFR (air fuel ratio) Gauge with dual colour display in a standard 52mm fitment.
Bosch LSU-4 Lamba sensor.
Complete wiring loom with fused power cable, sensor and multifunciton cable.
Gauge mounting hardware.
CD containing software and installation instructions.
Optional: Exhaust Gas Temperature sensor with temperature compensated cable. (extra 70 euros)

Wideband Oxygen sensor control and display.
Exhaust Gas Temperature (EGT) sensor display.
Display configurable to display AFR or Lambda and C or F for EGT
Selectable Narrow or wide band output to provide suitable ECUs with the standard lambda feed back they need for closed-loop operation.
RPM input to provide context for datalogging.
Boost or Throttle Position sensor input for datalogging.
5A solenoid driver, to provide triggered solanoid control.
Serial (RS232) connection providing datalogging to PC and Field upgradeable software.

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