Monday, May 17, 2010

949 Racing 6UL Wheels 15x9 in 4x100!

For Sale And Already In Greece
is a set of the famous ultra-light
6UL Wheels from 949 Racing
The wheels, in Flat Black color,
measure 15'' diam and 9'' width!
The offset is +36 and the PCD 4x100
Weighting only 5,8 kgs each!
They are sold together with a set of frest
Toyo R888 225/50 15.
Not For Sale Anymore
Click Read More for Specs and Pics!


* +36 offset
* 12.8 lbs
* Low pressure cast monoblock construction
* T6 heat treated
* 67.1mm center bore
* Double valve design
* JWL approved
* Semi Flat Black, durable matte clear coated finish
* Cap included
* Valves not included
Fits 225/45, 225/50, 245/40, 245/50, 275/35 tires. Cap included. Valves not included.

How 6UL's are made
Gen II 6UL 01/09-
The second generation 6UL wheels are low pressure (LP) cast and T6 heat treated. LP casting refers to the aluminum being forced into the wheel mold under pressure. This pressure eliminates the possibility of bubbles and voids in the aluminum casting. It also compacts the aluminum which allows a higher tensile strength to be achieved with the same material. Gravity cast tooling requires larger wall thickness to allow the molten aluminum to flow into all the small features and crevices of the mold during filling. The design benefit of the new LP technique is that the engineers can optimize the thickness of each part of the wheel without really needing to allow for material flow. This optimization reduces weight without any decrease in strength.
With a gravity cast wheel, the center hub area is the last part of the mold to be filled by the molten aluminum so it is more prone to unwanted porosity or voids. To combat this potential weakness, the hub area is overbuilt to ensure failsafe strength. With the new LP casting, the mold filling and density is the same throughout the wheel structure so the hub area can be further optimized and lightened.
While we kept the same unique 6UL look, the engineers needed to create an entirely new engineering drawing and tooling for the LP casting process. We took this opportunity to reevaluate every single area of the wheel, perform further FEA optimization, strengthened and lightened wherever possible. It takes trained eye and both wheels in hand to spot the differences but there were more than a dozen little tweaks to the Gen II compared to the Gen I.
The end result is a wheel that's about 5% lighter with nearly twice the fatigue life and substantial gains in strength. The Gen II also end up being a bit stiffer and that's directly creates more consistent contact patch loading. Few tuners ever think about this but a wheel that's too soft and flexible will actually deflect under hard cornering loads enough to reduce active camber. Stiff wheels are good.
Gen II's can be identified by the " 6UL " embossed right on the face of the wheel. The center bore on all versions is 67.1mm, which allows the optional use of standard size hub centric rings.

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