Saturday, June 26, 2010

The RS*R Renovation Thread!

Ok, so I did it again, and bought another exhaust...
Couldnt resist actualy. Not only the price was great,
but it was ideal for a new summer project!
And so started the RS*R ExMagII Renovation Thread...
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This is the pic I received before I buy it.
You can see its heavily decolorised and needs polishing.

And thats the first pic when it arrived.
Back box is all Stainless and the pipes
are Alumiumised Mind Steel with a tendecy to rust...
(Thanks to KFC for the info)

Got some tools, sandpaper and wire brush etc etc
and started cleaning the mid pipe.
Some clear metal you can now see here...
While the Back Box awaited for its turn!
Started cleaning the Back Box
Ordered a Rust Protector for the pipe,
so its now on hold till it arrives from UK
(thanks to Kaitai for the info)
so I just kept cleaning the back box...

Now tis waiting for the anti-rust protection to arrive from UK...

Covered the stainles with tape

...all of it!

Then started applying the rust convertor
Kaitai told me to use (Vactan is the name)

How s it hanging?

The final result, painted with anthracite
hi temp spray

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