Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Ultra Racing Braces For Mazda Mx5!

Ultra Racing Braces
for Mazda Mx5 Miata
All prices are PLUS shipping
depending on where and what you want.
Please send me an email!
Front Upper Strut Brace: 80 euros
Rear Upper Brace: 80 euros
Front Lower 4-Point Brace: 80 euros
Middle Lower 4-Point Brace: 95 euros
Rear Lower 2-Point Brace: 55 euros
Rear Lower Torsion Brace: 60 euros
Front Anti Roll Bar: 160 euros
Rear Anti Roll Bar: 140 euros
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Rear Upper Brace

Front Lower 4-Point Brace

Middle Lower 4-Point Brace UR-ML4-300 
Rear Lower 2-Point Brace UR-RL2-301
Rear Anti Roll Bar UR-AR16-096 

Rear Lower Torsion Brace

Front Anti Roll Bar


Anonymous said...

Το Rear Upper Brace μπαίνει σε ΝΒFL?

nmwisima said...

Λογικά ναι μπαίνει.