Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Complete AE86 Rear LSD Axle With 4,8 FGR!

 Here is a rare opportunity to get a
Complete Toyota Corolla GTS AE86 Hachiroku
Kouki Rear Axle
Including reinforced axle
Stock LSD with 4,77 Ring and Pinion
Rear Disk-brakes
Very rare item to find complete,
ready for drift or rally use.
900 euros
info: nmwisima@yahoo.com
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Bo said...

Where is this axle located? Because of shipping costs?
Does it make any noises? Got some serious whining in my rear axle that I can't solve. Adjusted the back lash 6 times, changed every bearing,...
After being at a trackday, the axle always whines and I can start rebuilding it :-(

nmwisima said...

You should just buy a TRD LSD and replace your Final Gear Ratio.
The axle is located in Greece and its gona be extremely expensive to ship.