Monday, April 30, 2012

Super Rare O.Z. Vega Splits 15x7!-SOLD-

This is a one and only chance to find a cheap
Rare O.Z. Racing Vega Split Alloy Wheels
15x7'' et26 in 4x100 pcd!
This are even rarer than their BBS sisters
and tend to sell for serious money on ebay.
Their specs are perfect for
Mazda Mx5 and BMW 3 Series E30.
You can used BBS outer lips on them to
make them custom spec, in width and offset!
Wheels will be refurbished in the stock specs,
with a polished lip and powdercoated centers.
A prior to refurbishing deal will allow you to
choose the color of the mesh, and will also
get you a discounted price of



Anonymous said...

LOL...Those are my wheels! 6th picture down. The original owner posted that in his e-bay listing, and I bought them!...about7 yrs. ago. 7 and 10.5 x 15

nmwisima said...

Used some ebay pics, its obvious as it has the ebay pic logo.

2nd 4th and 5th pics are of the actual wheels.

Anonymous said...

We are looking for a center cap for a oz vega wheel