Wednesday, June 20, 2012

How To Fit The Arrow Mx5 Wing Brace!

Fitting our newly developed
Arrow Side Brace on your Mazda Mx5 Miata 
requires quite some work. We believe that its worth it.
So does Flying Miata by the way, which qualifies the Wing Braces 
as one of the best possible braces for your Roadster.
Since it’s a tricky business to fit, we decided to make sort of a DIY guide.
The famous Boss Frog Arm Fitting guide, would also be useful.
Hit the Jump to read the Do It Yourself Guide!
For any question you can also use my email, 
Many thanks to Leukaditis Motorsport for the help!


All the hard work is to remove the front bumper and both wings.
Detailed guides on how to do that in both NA and NB Miatas are all over the net.
Too many bolts there, so it would help you you are organized to keep track.

Do each side at a time, do jack the car for easier access
and do remember to adjust the doors when you finish.

You undo the bumper

With the bumper off, start unbolting the wings

There are top bolts

Along side of each wing top

On the inside of the arches

And hidden bolts you have to reach from inside the wheel arch

Carefully remove the wing and dont forget to clean them well

When wings removed, almost everything is ready for the Arrow.

Use a screwdriver to carefully remove the rubber repeater gasket.

Test fit the brace. You have to fit the tight upper mount first.

Then the upper door mount

and then the lower mounts. 
DO NOT tighten the bolts too much until you have
all the connection points fitted right.

The only holes not already there,
are two 10 mm holes on the to bracing point.
 Use the holes of the Arrow to guide you where to drill.

From the inside of the wing, undo the fuse box,
to gain clearance and fit the metal plate provided.

Use the provided alen bolts to tighten

Start bolting all mounting points, top...

...door lower...

 ...and two front lower using the spacers provided.

 Then tighten the bolts well, securing that 
you have adjusted your door hinges.

Et voila!

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