Wednesday, June 20, 2012

The OZ Vega Refurb: After Polish!

The fabulous split wheels I bought
Two Piece O.Z. Racing Vega
15x7'' et26 in 4x100 pcd
took some decent time to get to this point.
I had to import the special very rare
(and expensive) key to do the star-shaped bolts.
Then they were straighten all up and the
curb damage was professionally fixed.
Then came the polishing for the lips and
the wheels are now ready for paint.
Wheels are for sale.


option-D said...

Να τις βάλεις έτσι πάνω + τους αποστάτες :)

nmwisima said...

Mε άβαφα κέντρα? Μπα...

option-D said...

Τα κέντρα είναι όντως πρόβλημα, για το πώς θα βαφτούν.. Εγώ ίσως τις έβαζα και χωρίς καπάκια ή τελικά να μην τους πείραζα το χρώμα..