Tuesday, July 24, 2012

DIY Guide: Amoni Fabs Mx5 Rear Strut Brace!

Just fitted my new rear strut brace!
Amoni Racing Fabrications Rear Strut Brace!
for the Mazda Mx5 Miata NA 89-98 
Even if it was a test piece, before it
goes in the market on September,
it fitted just fine, with some DIY work.
Estimated price is around 120 euros.
info and preorders: nmwisima@yahoo.com

Remove the carpets to reveal the tank cover. Unbolt the cover 
to expose the left suspension top mount. You will also have to unscrew 
the fuel hoses behind the cover to make more room for you to work.

With some effort you can now fit the left brace tower.
When the kit is on production, new bolts will be supplied
to offer easier access and less effort to tighten the tower.

Fitting the right tower is much easier as it's already exposed.
You would have to remove your spare wheel to fit the brace.
A relocation kit will be supplied for extra cost if you wish.

 Just align the brace with the towers and fit with the strong bolts provided.

Both sides fitted and the job is almost done.

Refit the metal cover and carpets and thats the final result.

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