Friday, January 25, 2013

-SOLD- Mazda Mx5 Complete Torsen LSD Kit!

Available now for sale is a 
Complete Torsen Diff Kit
for Mazda Mx5 Miata NA
This kit consists of a closed large housing,
center shaft, side shafts, Torsen T2 LSD 
and a JDM 4,3 Final Gear Ratio!
These parts will allow you, not only to 
upgrade from your worn out VLSD (Viscous)
on your Mx5 Mk1 89-94 but to be able to
keep the same performance!

To explain in a few words, the VLSD stops to work
properly after about 100k kms of use and it is not
repairable/rebuildable. You either need to go to the 
expensive and noisy KAAZ and Cusco clutch racing 
type diffs or upgrade to Torsen from the later Mx5 models.
To do that you need all the above mentioned parts. If what you
find is an open diff housing, you will then need also the unbreakable
Torsen itself, new bearings and gaskets and the list goes on.
As if thats not enough, the earlier Mk1 had a 4,3 FGR
while the newer models have a 4,1 final gear ratio.
That means you will loose in acceleration when you install 
the new kit and feeling will be like loosing power.
So offered here is a complete kit that has all this features
already available and working together so you practically 
only need to bolt them on and easily upgrade your Mx5.

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