Thursday, April 4, 2013

Mitsubishi Evo: What 18'' Rota Wheels To Fit!

Not all wheels are a straight fit for the
Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution EVO 6-9!
Most of them do interfere with the huge
front Brembo brake calipers or the arches.
So what do we do? Here is a complete guide
thanks to Rotablog to what you can fit and how.
On top, we are only showing what is currently
in stock and can be ordered immediately.

Direct replacement, but not concave are the
Rota Torque 18x8,5'' et30 available in 
Bronze, Gunmetal and White, as well as the
Rota Fighter 18x8,5'' et30 available in 
Hyper Black, Matt Bronze and White. 
Price is 899 euros ALL in. 

With no extra archwork you can fit the
Rota Force 18x9'' et27 available in Bronze, 
Flat Black/Red Lip, Gunmetal and White.
Price is 949 euros ALL in.

With a 5 mm spacer to clear front Brembos,
GKR 18x9,5'' et30 in Steel Grey and White.
 Price is 999 euros ALL in. 

With a 6 mm spacer, you can fit the iconic
Rota GT-R 18x9,5'' et30 available in Bronze,
Gunmetal, Black/Red Lip, Silver/ Polished Lip.
Price is 999 euros ALL in. 

Perfect fitment, with concave look is the
Rota T2R 18x9,5'' et25 available in Hyper Black.
Price is 999 euros ALL in. 

For serious fitment, heavy achwork and 3 mm spacer
Rota D2EX 18x10'' et12 in Gunmetal/Lip and Silver/Lip.
Price is 1.099 euros ALL in.

For the stanced people, stretched tires and arch work required:
Rota Grid Drift 18x10'' et15 in Matt Bronze and Steel Grey.
Price is 1.099 euros ALL in.

All orders include nuts, center caps and spigot rings,
and of course insured postage to all over Europe.

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Bo said...

Great write up, now please do the same for 17" rims on Mitsubishi with Brembos ;)