Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Up For Sale: The JDMbits Turbo Miata NA6!

Just wanted to let you all know, for sale is
The JDMbits Turbo Miata NA6
Dont ask why, I just guess its time.
Dont ask what's next, I dont know yet.
The price I ask is firm at 6k, if else it
will be broken for parts, which is obviously
a shame. Unless I change my mind again. lol.
Full spec list, after the jump.
info: nmwisima@yahoo.com

Basic specs:

1996 Mk1,5 1.6
Imported in 2001
112.000 KM (18.000 in my hands since 2006)

All services done in time.
No rust. Straight body.
It would sure benefit from a paintjob.

Turbo Garrett T2
manifold GReddy
Custom downpipe
Catalyt Magnaflow
Custom exhaust
Custom intercooler
Εmanage tuned by Precision Tuning
Aluminum racing radiator
Zeitronix with boost and EGT

LSD Torsen T1 with 4,1 FGR (new seals and bearings)
Meister-R Coilover kit <5.000 km
Rota RKR 15x8 et10
Fresh Dunlop 195/50
1.8 Sporty Brakes
New disks and pads
Braided steel brake lines
Cluch 6puck XTD brand new

Roll bar CCR
Frame rails Chaseroad
Front 4-point lower bracing Chaseroad
Rear strut brace Chaseroad
Rear 2 point bracing ΙL Motorsport
Rear 1.8 Π-shaped bracing
CCR Arrow side bracing

Recaro SPG Carbon Kevlar
Nardi Deep Corn
Custom interior
Cental locking

Garage Vary lip
Jass TSIs
Carbon headlight lids
Hella Low Pro
Custom flares
Feed sideskirts
Custom Ducktail
Zoom fuel lid
JDM rear panel
Jass Performance tow hooks
Mohair Green hood

Complete history can be found here

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.: iLiAS :. said...

I hope that the successor will continue to roll on the JDM path.


PS: You can still change your mind.