Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Mazda Mx5 Miata Complete JR M45 Compressor Kit!

Up for grabs is a used
Jackson Racing Supercharger Kit
for Mazda Mx5 Miata NA and NB!
This is a complete kit that will be removed 
after sale from a working Mk2,5 returning to stock.
Kit consists of everything you will need for a proper job,
JR Compressor serviced before 500 km (total km less than 20k),
all brackets, mountings and pulls needed plus aftermarket parts like
almost new Aluminum Radiator, Rallydesign intercooler (up to 350 PS),
JR Powercard, GReddy Emanage Blue, Boomslang, Map Sensor,
all custom made piping needed, 60 mm custom cat back exhaust,
AEM Wideband, Metrika gauges (boost, oil pressure), NGK plugs.

2.000 euros plus postage


Unknown said...

Where is the kit located?

nmwisima said...

Kit is located in Greece.

Anonymous said...

how much.... you are having a joke with this prices ? like all your prices too high.

why you rip people off?

Anonymous said...

Hi. I am interested. Is still for sale? You can contact with me

nmwisima said...

Anonymous commenter, kit is not mine, so i dont make the price. I just advertise it for someone else. Apart from that, if you trully believe "all my prices are too high" -opinion that many will laugh with- you are free to stop visiting the site.

Corcup said...

You will send it to Spain?

Unknown said...

is still available?