Monday, November 29, 2010

SK Sanyo ITB Kit For 4AGE!

Complete kit of
SK Sanyo Individual Throttle Bodies
for Toyota 4AGE 16V engines
Kit consists of: Throttle bodies , Linkages – with TPS fitment
Stacks, RMS manifold adaptor (big port),
Replacement coolant pipe
Vacuum plenum (for balancing map signal),
All the necessary bolts – all zinc plated
680 euros

- Basically in terms of ITB’s this kit is everything you need to convert your 4AGE to run ITB’s,
unlike the stock 20v ITB’s which need everything else before they can be used.
- Everything is in excellent condition, all bolts etc have also been zinc plated.
-The manifold is equal length but slightly offset so the ITB’s can be fitted
to an AE86 without the stacks fouling the brake booster (RHD cars)
but would equally fit perfectly on a AW11.
- 1 stack has been notched to allow better brake booster clearance on the AE86.
- The inlet manifold has been notched to allow retention of the factory injectors and rail.
- The Vacuum plenum is essential if your running ITB’s as it balances
the vacuum across all 4 ITB’s which means you can get a usable map signal for tuning


Anonymous said...

I have just recently picked up a set of these but its missing the stacks, do you know if it uses weber stacks or where i can get some that fit?

nmwisima said...

Sorry, not my kit and I have no idea. TTT offers stacks I think. Techno Toy Tuning.

Anonymous said...

Hi just wondering if still have this set..keen to buy one set..cheers!..