Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Rota Grid Drift 17'' On Mazda Mx5 Miata NC Mk3!

As seen on Lefkaditis Racing NC
and the superb Bill Viper NC, the
Rota Grid Drift Wheels
have interesting applications on the
Mazda Mx5 Miata NC Mk3!
So here are all the wheels in 17'' and 5x114,3 pcd
available for immediate order and dispatch.
The most reasonable and easy to fit choice 
would be the 7,5'' wide et45 Grid (top picture),
while the most aggressive one would be
the 9'' wide et42 concave Grid Drift (pic. below)
There are also two more options, with 8'' wide
and 8,5'' wide Grids, both with et30. 
Pictures of all wheels and available colors,

All price includes
insured courier postage inside EU, 
nuts, caps and spigot rings.

From 690 to 740 euros
info: nmwisima@jdmbits.com

Grid     17"     7.5"     ET45     White    
Grid     17"     7.5"     ET45     RLGunmetal 

Grid     17"     8"     ET30     White    

Grid     17"     8.5"     ET30     FBlack
Grid     17"     8.5"     ET30     MBronze
Grid     17"     8.5"     ET30     White        

Grid     17"     9"     ET42     FBlack
Grid     17"     9"     ET42     MBronze

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